Mosquito spread Zika Virus

The Zika virus is spreading very fast in Central and South America. A second case has been confirmed in Houston. It is thought that it can not be spread from person to person. Only being spread by mosquitos. There is a high level of concern that it could spread throughout Texas. Most people that are exposed to the virus only have mild symptoms. The big concern is for pregnant women. There have been cases that the baby is born with small or deformed heads. Most cases of the Zika virus have been in Latin America and the Caribbean. There is currently no vaccine. For more information on protecting your family and property from mosquitos contact Sureguard Termite & Pest Services about mosquito control.

Does Sentricon Work

Does Sentricon Termite Control Work?

In 1998 we had to ask ourselves this. We had been using liquid termiticides for 30 years. With liquids you cannot get to every spot in an existing home. We were authorized to be one of the select companies to be able to use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. We had about 5 homes that had been treated with liquid termiticides that had continual termite problems. The homes were installed with Sentricon at no cost to the homeowner. If we were using a product we wanted to be 100% confident. I am pleased to say within 6 months all the termite activity infesting the homes was eliminated. These home never had termites in them again as long as the Sentricon was protecting the home. We did have termite colonies show up periodically in the stations as new colonies tried to move in. They were quickly eliminated. The above photo is one of an A/G(above/ground) station that was installed on a garage floor. You can see how the termites consumed the bait. We continue to use the Sentricon System today to eliminate termites. Quality service is the key to the Sentricon. We are proud to be one of the Select companies to be able to use Sentricon.

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Soring Bugs

Sunshine brings good and Bugs, Don’t Let the Bugs Rule

With the winter and spring rains that we have had there will be a lot of new vegetation will be growing. That is the fun. This strawberry looks very good. What you cannot see from this picture is the large fire and mound beside the garden bed. You need to be careful as you begin your gardening for the spring. If you do find fire ants in your garden area be careful on what you are using to control them. Somethings are not labeled for use in gardens. Gardening can be fun but be safe. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. For Green Pest Control services in Dallas, Irving, Coppell or DFW area call Sureguard! We care about the safety of your family and pets.

Dallas Commercial Pest Control

Dallas Commercial Pest Control

Commercial buildings in DFW have many different types on insect problems. There are also many different styles of buildings. Some are high rise, warehouse, food service, office buildings, medical buildings, manufacturing facilities. The most common treatment method all building owners or managers is low impact or green treatment methods. IPM or Integrated Pest Management techniques are used for the goal of using less pesticides in the buildings, by working together we can prevent insects and use less products. The initial visit starts with a good inspection. Once any pest infestation is identified then curative treatment or preventive measures can be recommended. Prevention is the goal for Dallas commercial pest control services. Many properties are found to have termites, rodents, and ants. With the recent rainy years these are all on the increase. Sureguard offers free inspections and pest analysis on commercial buildings.

Get rid of those Bed Bugs

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The most important part to Get Rid of Bed Bugs is a great inspection.

Bed Bugs can get in a home undetected. They can get in through luggage, clothing, and many other ways. Their bodies are flat and they can fit into very small cracks. They do not have nests. There most common hiding places are around mattresses, head boards and box springs. They will scatter over time to other areas of a home. They can also be carried to movie theaters, offices, public transportation and cars.

Bed bugs will bite humans or animals. When bed bugs feed they swell up and turn a redish color. Bed bug bits are typically painless at first bud become itchy welps later on. Many people confuse bed bug bites with mosquito bites.

To Get rid of Bed Bugs have an inspection done, look at your treatment options.

The photo above is from a home we treated. See the bed bug and droppings

Black Widow

5 Surprising Facts About Black Widows

It’s summer time in North Texas and that means spider season. We have seen a big rise in the amount of black widows in and around peoples homes. Here are 5 surprising facts about black widows that you need to know.

1. Black widow venom is in fact 15 times stronger than rattlesnake venom. Yikes!

2. Female black widows are about twice as big as males and significantly more venomous.

3. Part of the venom is comprised of  alpha-latrotoxin which  basically takes over the victim’s nervous system. It is capable of killing a human and can definitely kill a pet.

4. Black widows are actually “shy” spiders and are known to bite only when they feel there is a significant threat. They can choose to bite without releasing venom as its metabolically costly for them to replace it.

5. Black widows are active when the temperatures are 70 degrees or hotter meaning summertime is the perfect time for them to be hiding out in your garages and attics.

If you are experiencing problems with black widows or other spiders, let Sureguard Termite and Pest Services take care of the problem for you.

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