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The Truth About Cockroaches

There is a reason why cockroaches have been around since prehistoric time. They are fairly indestructible pests. For that reason, its important to enlist the help of the professionals at Sureguard Termite & Pest Services if you are experiencing them in your home or business.

Think you can get rid of them on your own? Here’s 4 facts about cockroaches that will have you thinking again.

1. They can live for almost a MONTH without food. That’s pretty incredible and speaks to their endurance.

2. They are capable of holding their breath for up to 40 MINUTES! Seriously!? Good luck trying to drown them!

3. Cockroaches have been around since before the time of dinosaurs. That means they survived whatever killed them off. Enough said there.

4. Here’s the kicker, they can live for up to a week without their head! Gross, but true.

Wow! Those are some pretty incredible facts. We understand that cockroaches are a difficult insect to rid your home or business of on your own. Sureguard has the solutions that will quickly take care of cockroaches or other insects that you have. We have a proven record of almost 50 years of helping rid homes and businesses of these pests with solutions that work. For more information call  855.668.4000 or visit us at 

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