Is It Flying Termites or Flying Ants ?

Is It Flying Termites or Flying Ants ?

antsvstermites (3)antsvstermites (4)How to Tell the Difference between a Flying ant and a Flying termite?

Is it an ant? or Termite?

Termites keep themselves well hidden. They are typically in enclosed tunnells.

If you are seeing Flying termites it is probably the swarming season or the reproductive swarm. The problem is swarming termites look like flying ants.

This will help you tell which one you are seeing:

Wings: The ants front pair is linger than the backnand they do not come off very easy. On Termites, they are of equal length and do come off easily.

Waists: Ants are narrow and the termites are thicker less defined.

Antennae: Ants are elbowed, Termites are straight.

We are always available to identify if it is termites or ants.