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Can Rats Climb

rat-climbingWe often get asked Can Rats Climb? The answer is yes! As you can see in this rare photo how a rat can climb right up the brick of a building. Lucky for this building owner there are no entry points near this corner of the building. Rats will look for holes about the size of a quarter or larger to enter buildings. As they go in and out of the holes there body leaves a grease mark often called swing marks. So if you are seeing any holes around your property those need to be fixed. Sometimes these are things you can fix using such products as steel wool. However there are also holes or entry points that you will need to have professionally repaired. We do offer rodent exclusion services. Free estimates are always available. Just do not let the rodents or animals continue to live in your property. They can carry diseases and can damage lots of stuff by urinating, chewing on things, this can also create a fire hazard.  Let us know if we can be of assistance.


Termites ! What are my options?

termites alatesThe other day one of my friends called and said I either found termites or magots. How can I tell the difference. I asked where did you find them. He was working in the flower bed near the home. I asked if the trash had been setting there. He said it was just a flower bed. That he was moving some decorative brick and these were right under it. I told him go ahead and send me a photo. This is the picture. I told him these are termites. You can see the worker termites and if you look at the longer white looking ones, they are Subterranean termite alates. They turn a darker brown in color and get wings. They are known as the swarmers or flying termites. They fly out typically in the afternoon on a warm and humid spring day. Many times property owners do not know they have termites until they see these. The best prevention is a good inspection. Sureguard offers free inspections for non real estate transactions. Call for more information on termite control or Dallas termite prevention.

Why Home Pest Control In Dallas Is A Necessity

termitesmallYou know, there are those among us who say that we should try to live as peacefully with nature as possible. And for the most part, we agree.

In fact, if we could write a letter to the termites telling them that we’ve left a stack of wood for them out back as long as they stay out of our homes, we would be in the letter writing business. But the fact is, sometimes species are at odds with each other, and that’s why we’re in the pest control business.

But what happens when a pest is much more than just a pest? Sometimes there’s real danger.

Termites: It’s this simple…if your home includes wooden supports, termites want to eat your home. That means that they’re at odds with your interest of living indoors and your interest of having a strong, well-supported home. At Sureguard we specialize in termite control, because just asking them to leave isn’t going to do it. You need home pest control that gets results.

Mosquitos: What’s the deadliest animal alive? Crocodiles? Lions? Nope, it’s the mosquito. Because it’s so amazing at transmitting the malaria virus, mosquitos are far and away the most dangerous animal humanity has ever encountered.

Of course, malaria isn’t very prevalent in the United States, but mosquitos are also carriers of the West Nile virus, a potentially deadly virus that has been found in 22 Texas counties.

Mice: In 1993 something started killing Native Americans in the Four Corners region of the southwest. It was the first American instance of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, a virus that kills around one-third of those infected. The hantavirus is transmitted by mice, usually deer mice. You don’t even have to see the mice in order to be infected…while it can be transmitted by a bite, it is most often through handling of mice feces or through the air as people clean an area that’s infested. Texas is fifth in the nation in terms of hantavirus cases.

When it comes to pest control in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, Sureguard is ready to deal with any issues you might have. Give us a call today to keep you and your family safe.