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Termites ! What are my options?

termites alatesThe other day one of my friends called and said I either found termites or magots. How can I tell the difference. I asked where did you find them. He was working in the flower bed near the home. I asked if the trash had been setting there. He said it was just a flower bed. That he was moving some decorative brick and these were right under it. I told him go ahead and send me a photo. This is the picture. I told him these are termites. You can see the worker termites and if you look at the longer white looking ones, they are Subterranean termite alates. They turn a darker brown in color and get wings. They are known as the swarmers or flying termites. They fly out typically in the afternoon on a warm and humid spring day. Many times property owners do not know they have termites until they see these. The best prevention is a good inspection. Sureguard offers free inspections for non real estate transactions. Call for more information on termite control or Dallas termite prevention.

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